Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Roy of the Overs

Rumours surrounding the appointment of Slaven Bilic as manager are picking up pace. He was spotted at the Bristol game last night. I doubt that he travelled down to pick up a complimentary scarf and I also doubt that he went for the love of the game. He was one of the names mentioned before Roy took up the reins.

The general opinion seems to be that it is way too early to stick the knife in to Mr Quiff. After all, he's still having to deal with the ragbag of lemons and plums bestowed by the previous manager who shall remain nameless, and now unsurprisingly- clubless.

If Bilic signs up, we could justifiably expect Roymond to take a seat 'upstairs'. Perhaps as director of football.

There's something about this arrangement that I like the sound of.

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